Graphic Design & Illustration

  • The Rhynd

    Built well over a century ago, the Rhynd has been owned by the Foster family since the early 1950s, and up until the late 1990s the space was a working […]

    The Rhynd
  • ERA R5B ‘Remus’

    The English Racing Automobiles B-Type voiturette racer, chassis R5B, affectionately known as ‘Remus’, is one of those magnificent, rare beasts that combine history, speed, spectacle, drivability and success. As we reflect on […]

    ERA R5B ‘Remus’
  • Event Support

    Designing for events requires not only creativity but demands accuracy as any mistakes will be magnified and there are no opportunities to correct errors. Designs have to be responsive, usually […]

    Event Support
  • Moon Fever

    As one of the Goodwood Revival partners Sky present each year an interactive movie experience in the Earls Court building. In 2023 the movie being ‘filmed’ was a Barbarella-space-disco-extravaganza and […]

    Moon Fever
  • Goodwood Colouring Books

    A massive undertaking! Two children’s colouring books containing 25 unique edited and hand-drawn images, one for the motor circuit and one for the Festival of Speed, both now on sale […]

    Goodwood Colouring Books
  • The Enchanted Scrolls

    A fun project with my daughters creating a card game populated by fantasy characters of their own invention and using text-to-image A.I. to bring them to life. 45 cards in […]

    The Enchanted Scrolls
  • Festival of Britain Map

    Designing for the Goodwood Revival always presents interesting challenges. In 2021 the event celebrated the anniversary of the Festival of Britain and needed a site map in the style of […]

    Festival of Britain Map
  • Winning Isn’t Eveything

    Winning Isn’t Everything It is an unexpected paradox that one of the hardest endurance motorsport disciplines to date required no competition licence. In fact, owners of competition licences were not […]

    Winning Isn’t Eveything
  • Toyota / Festival of Speed Storyboards

    The digital team at Goodwood support the Festival of Speed event sponsors by providing unique video content that brings both brands in concert and can be distributed to a focussed […]

    Toyota / Festival of Speed Storyboards